[][src]Struct amethyst_audio::AudioEmitter

pub struct AudioEmitter { /* fields omitted */ }

An audio source, add this component to anything that emits sound. TODO: This should get a proper Debug impl parsing the sinks and sound queue


impl AudioEmitter[src]

pub fn new() -> AudioEmitter[src]

Creates a new AudioEmitter component initialized to the given positions. These positions will stay synced with Transform if the Transform component is available on this entity.

pub fn play(&mut self, source: &Source) -> Result<(), DecoderError>[src]

Plays an audio source from this emitter.

pub fn set_picker(
    &mut self,
    picker: Box<dyn FnMut(&mut AudioEmitter) -> bool + Send + Sync>

An emitter's picker will be called by the AudioSystem whenever the emitter runs out of sounds to play.

During callback the picker is separated from the emitter in order to avoid multiple aliasing. After the callback is complete, if the picker returned true then the picker that just finished will be reattached.

pub fn clear_picker(&mut self)[src]

Clears the previously set picker.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for AudioEmitter[src]

impl Component for AudioEmitter[src]

type Storage = BTreeStorage<Self>

Associated storage type for this component.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for AudioEmitter

impl Sync for AudioEmitter

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