[][src]Crate amethyst_controls

Amethyst control crate.



The bundle that creates an arc ball movement system. Note: Will not actually create a moving entity. It will only register the needed resources and systems. The generic parameters A and B are the ones used in InputHandler<A,B>. You might want to add "fly_movement" and "free_rotation" as dependencies of the TransformSystem. Adding this bundle will grab the mouse, hide it and keep it centered.


To add an arc ball behaviour, add this to a camera which already has the FlyControlTag added.


The system that manages the arc ball movement; In essence, the system will align the camera with its target while keeping the distance to it and while keeping the orientation of the camera.


PrefabData for loading control tags on an Entity


System which hides the cursor when the window is focused. Requires the usage MouseFocusUpdateSystem at the same time.


The bundle that creates a flying movement system.


Add this to a camera if you want it to be a fly camera. You need to add the FlyControlBundle or the required systems for it to work.


The system that manages the fly movement.


The system that manages the view rotation. Controlled by the mouse. Goes into an inactive state if the window is not focused (WindowFocus resource).


Resource indicating if the mouse should be grabbed and hidden by the CursorHideSystem when the window is focused.


A system which reads Events and saves if a window has lost focus in a WindowFocus resource


Struct which holds information about whether the window is focused. Written to by MouseFocusUpdateSystem